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posted by [personal profile] nugatorytm at 06:29pm on 24/10/2010
I had a hysterectomy on Friday. I had my giant, horse-sized uterus removed, and my ovaries, too. Turns out that I had a honking large fibroid growing up in there, and I was getting anemic. Luckily, they did it laproscopically, and my pain is at a minimum.

My mutant ability to withstand large amounts of pain has stood me in good stead over the years, and it came in handy this time, too. I was discharged from the hospital the very next day. This is not to say that I'm entirely pain free, but it's manageable, and I can deal with that. I hope to be back to work in a week, taking it easy, of course.

In other news, I'm gonna be a grandma in February. My daughter-in-law is due the first week of February, and according to the ultrasound, it's gonna be a boy. They plan on naming him Camden.

Okay, stop laughing.

Anyhoo, I plan on spending this coming week alternating between naps and computer time. I plan on being back on my feet quickly.
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posted by [personal profile] nugatorytm at 04:05pm on 26/11/2009
I'm wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend! Eat well, but don't make yourself sick!

I made enough to feed an army (as usual), but I'm not looking forward to doing all those dishes. At least I can sleep in tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to the movies, catch the cheap, $6 seats before noon. Sleep...sleep is good, though.

Stay safe over the weekend, okay?
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posted by [personal profile] nugatorytm at 01:33pm on 11/10/2009
A friend of mine at work is having a baby, and asked me to make a blanket for her. Since she loves Tweety from Loony Tunes, she asked specifically to make her one Tweety yellow, with light pink for trim, as she's having a girl.

So, I put on my RGB eps, and went to town...and this is what came out of my industriousness:

Crocheted Blanket

Link is:

It's done entirely in double crochet, except for the edging, which is a row of single crochet, followed by a row of double crochet, and finished with a row of crab stitch (reverse single crochet).

I was pleased that it came out so nicely. My friend loved it. She couldn't wait to get it home and show it off.

My next project is a granny throw for the other pregnant friend at work. Wish me luck, I've never tried a granny pattern before.

Edit: Why can't I get pictures to work on this darn thing? The URL is correct...
ETA2: My thanks to LaughingRat for the help with the image. I'm such a doofus sometimes.
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posted by [personal profile] nugatorytm at 09:55pm on 08/08/2009
My barbecue is up and running, and it works fine. Let's see if the slideshow works so you can see the before and after pics.

I even have some plants to go on the balcony, just to liven it up a bit.

Larger images are on Photobucket, in case these are too small to see.

ETA: Figures, you have to click "view all" and it will take you to photobucket, where the album is. Ehh, what can you do, right?
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posted by [personal profile] nugatorytm at 10:10am on 22/05/2009
My weekend project is to try to make the balcony usable again. To that end we have gone out and purchased a propane barbecue grill. In a box. Unassembled.

Guess what I get to do tomorrow?

But that's okay, I love building things. I must have been either a beaver or a paper wasp in another life. I'm hoping it takes me only a couple of hours to put together. Four hours max. If I'm bald and hoarse by tomorrow night, you'll know why.

I also picked up a cactus, an aloe vera and a miniature rose at the 99-cent store. My balcony gets very little sun, but we'll see what happens. If the rose thrives I'm going to try to separate it, as I noticed it was three different plants crammed into the little pot. I repotted it into a larger pot and spaced them out a bit to give them room to grow. As I took the deadheads off, I noticed it had a tiny bud just starting to shoot out. I sure hope it blooms.

Pictures will be were warned.
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posted by [personal profile] nugatorytm at 12:10am on 17/05/2009
Time to figure out what I want to get with my vacation checks. Laptop? BBQ grill? Both? I'm really leaning toward a new lappy this time, as my old lappy is sleeping the sleep of the just. Besides, I'm pretty much locked out of this compy since my son set up an administrator's log-in, so I can't install or download any of the programs I need. All I can really do with it is browse the net, which is nice, but not all that I wish to do on a computer.

My last decision would be to go with either a new, or a refurbished model. With a refurbished, I can get a better machine for my buck, but I'd have to check to see if it would come with a warranty.

Does anyone know of anyplace that is having special deals, either online or in-store?
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posted by [personal profile] nugatorytm at 07:08am on 11/05/2009
Welcome to the batzcave, so named for the pink batz that are my mood icons. As I settle myself into the nooks and crannies, I begin to ponder if I should use this journal for my crafting and whatnot, and keep the fic on the other journal. Hmm... we shall see...

In the meantime, I am working on a sekrit projekt, and have already started out on the stitching. Hopefully, it will turn out very cute when it's finished.
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